Rental Loan

 Rental Loan
Property TypeSingle Family, Condos, 2-4 Units, Multifamily (5+ Units), Mixed-Use
Loan TypePurchase, Refinance, Cash-Out
ExperienceNo Experience Required
Credit Score620+
Loan Amount$75,000 Minimum
Interest RateFrom 3.99%
Rent Coverage1.1x (Must be 110% of PITI for max leverage),
Negative cash flow ok at lower leverage
Loan Term30 Year Fixed Rate, Flexible Prepayment Penalties,
Interest Only Options Available


 Purchase Price LTVLoan to ARV
Purchase≤ 80%N/A
Refinance - Rate & Term≤ 80%N/A
Refinance - Cash-OutN/A≤ 75%