Hard Money Loan Programs

At First Equity Funding, programs are designed for success by providing commercial and residential hard money loans to real estate investors looking to buy, fix up and sell properties in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania. Washington D.C, and Florida.

Buy Properties Quickly with Hard Money Loans

Buy Properties Quickly

Buy Commercial & Residential Properties in As Is Condition

Buy Properties In “As Is” Condition

Complete Multiple Projects Without Having to Buy Them All Cash with Hard Money Loans

Complete Multiple Projects
Without Having to Buy Them “All Cash”

Here is an outline of our program:

We provide hard money real estate loans for up to 90% of the “as if” value of the property. Investors can also receive 100% of the construction money needed for the repair and/or renovation of the property. The total loan amount cannot exceed 65% of the “As Repaired Value,” or ARV, of the property.

For instance, if the purchase price of the property is $200,000 and the renovation would cost $100,000, we would potentially provide a hard money loan of $280,000, provided the ARV of the property is around $430,769.

Whether you’re interested in hard money loans for single or multi-family residential properties or for commercial properties, we provide a fast and efficient solution. The loan period is generally 9 to 12 months, though this can be extended in 3-month periods. Our rates are between 10-13% with 1-3 points charged at closing.

*All programs offered by First Equity Funding are subject to full due diligence of each investor and project. Our terms and condition are subject to change. Our programs are offered strictly to experienced investors.

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