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An Asset Based Real Estate Lender

We focus solely on asset based lending to real estate investors looking to buy or fix up residential and commercial properties in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and 36 other states throughout the US.


Find The Opportunity

Finding investable opportunities is probably the most crucial part of fixing and flipping properties. Our direct experience in real estate investing allows First Equity Funding to be true “value added” in helping our partners analyze an opportunity quickly. Our goal is not to complicate your deal but we are here if you need us.


Get Funded

Our extensive background in mortgage lending allows us to analyze and approve deals quickly. We understand that fast approvals is the key to our investors being ultra competitive when buying properties.


Complete Project

Our construction consultants will work directly with each investor and their contractors to create a plan that works. We will help create realistic work timelines and customizable draw schedules so each project can be funded efficiently.



More deals equals more revenue! Our goal is to work with the same investors repeatedly. We want to partner with investors who take their business seriously and help them grow their business. Once we are comfortable with each investor, the deal approval process becomes much simpler allowing each investor to operate and make purchasing decisions faster.

Before/After Photos

See a gallery of images from recent projects we have funded that have successfully utilized the fix and flip.

First Equity Funding

At First Equity Funding, we do more than provide commercial and residential hard money loans. We help real estate investors analyze and identify investable opportunities, ensure fast approvals of hard money real estate loans and offer construction consultancy to help plan and schedule the project more efficiently.

Our focus is on fix and flip loans for projects in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and 36 other states throughout the US. We understand the importance of analyzing opportunities quickly and funding the deal fast. We also know how critical it is to manage a construction project to ensure timely completion without compromising quality. Our years of experience enables investors to complete their projects quickly and efficiently.

Our aim is to work with the same investors repeatedly. We have made that happen by being committed to the success and growth of their business. So, if you’re looking for hard money personal loans, get in touch with us for the complete value added service.

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