Best Fix And Flip Loans in Northern NJ

The Best Fix And Flip Loans In Northern NJ – How do they work? Call (732) 359-7800  for terms now. 

North Jersey Real estate investors looking to purchase a residential fix n flip investment property know they will require some form of non bank outside financing to receive the necessary purchase and rehab funds to complete their flip.

Obviously paying all cash is not an option for most, nor would they want to use up their funds. Using other peoples money for leverage is the name of the game. Finding creative ways to obtain financing for their flips seems like a never ending search. However once you find a good lender, guard them closely!

Best Fix And Flip Loans In Northern New Jersey

Best Fix And Flip Loans In Northern New Jersey

North Jersey real estate investors can acquire the necessary financing for the purchase of an investment property through a fix and flip loan . These are asset based secured by the value of the real estate usually up a certain value of the purchase and rehab cost. Anywhere from 65-75% of the After repaired value.

Best Fix And Flip Loans In Northern New Jersey differ from conventional bank financing because they offer greater leverage to the borrower and they are able to close and fund deals faster than a traditional bank loan.

North Jersey Real Estate Investors can pay as little as 10% out of pocket ( plus closing costs) for the purchase and rehab of an investment property and can close and receive the loan funds in as few as 7-10 business days after appraisal and title is clear.

North Jersey real estate investing is a very competitive market with numerous investors sometimes bidding against each other for the same property. Having the proper lender in place can literally earn you tens of thousands by winning more or the best deals.

Best Fix And Flip Loans In Northern New Jersey

Best Fix And Flip Loans In Northern New Jersey

You always hear the saying OPM or others peoples money. fix and flip loans NJ allows you to truly leverage this to the max. Our loans have the best LTV’s and rates for investors in NJ

The ability to put down less money allows for the real estate investor to buy more properties, earn higher profits which equates to the best ROI.

Standard fix and flips loans last 12 monts or more with interest only payments without a pre-payment. Your goal is to sell as fast as possible or REFI out when you can. These short terms loans give you a lot of flexibility for flips or picking up rental properties that need work.

How to get The Best Fix And Flip Loans In Northern NJ

If your ready to pursue our fix and flip loan Northern New Jersey Loan program you can contact us by CLICKING HERE or you can also call (732) 359-7800 for immediate terms and to speak to our local hard money North Jersey lending specialist.

We make the process very simple. Find a property ( or qualify before) we give you terms, submit your app, line up appraisal and title them move to closing. This is a very fast streamline process with our team.

We pride ourselves on customer service. Easy communication, no hidden fees, simple application process ( ours is totally online ) fast closings, high LTV’s and low rates.

Pros of using The Best Fix And Flip Loans In Northern NJ

High leverage of capital For Your Projects
Fast Easy closings
Great Communication
Easier access to financing instead of a bank

Using our funding is an excellent alternative to going to a traditional bank for financing on a real estate investment project. Banks have tons of red tape and make investors lives much harder than they have to be.

We specialize in working with Norther New Jersey real estate investors looking for flip loans who want a high return on investment.

Types and Uses of The Best Fix And Flip Loans In Northern New Jersey

Here is a variety of different investment types we can fund for you. Below you will find a list of different options to use a North Jersey flip loan to finance your next real estate investment:

New Construction
Cash-out Refi
Transactional Funding Often Call a Double Close
Buying a Long-term rental that may need work
Multifamily Deals

These properties serve different purposes and attract varying types of investors but all can be effectively financed through the use of a flip loan. New Jersey Real estate investors have a variety of needs and interests so we have the corresponding programs to match those needs.

Best Fix And Flip Loans In Northern New Jersey

Best Fix And Flip Loans In Northern New Jersey

Our Northern NJ Fix And Flip Loans Want You To Profit.
North Jersey is a hot market and real estate investing popularity is not slowing down anytime soon. To date the number of investors doing fix-and-flip investing has reached pre-housing bubble highs and investors are bringing home record profits. Providing the best hard money flip loans for North Jersey real estate investors has also become more popular as well with more lenders looking to get in the game.

Here are a few important tips to make sure you are working with a professional team likeours.

Do Your Homework
Know who you are working with, do your due diligence and talk to the loan officers or owners of the company before anything. You have all heard the stories of up front money being lost because investors are desperate to get the deal done. Another tip, if something sounds to good to be true, it probably is. Listen to your gut and also get referrals.

Take the First Step To Fund Your North Jersey Hard Money Deal
After doing your homework take the first step towards making your investing goals a reality! Analysis paralysis can delay new investors from taking the necessary action to get starting with investing so just taking the first step goes a long way in becoming a successful new jersey real estate investor.

Best Fix And Flip Loans In Northern New Jersey

We have the most competitive rates for North Jersey real estate investors looking for funding. Starting from the low 8% and up with as little as 10% down combined with LTV’s up to 70%

Our Northern New Jersey flip loans can also be applied to other types of deals as mentioned above and are available throughout the entire state of New York

To Summarize Why You Should Contact Us For The Best Fix And Flip Loans In Northern New Jersey

We provide the best financing for the purchase and rehab of investment properties for NJ real estate investors looking for capital to fund their projects.

If you find yourself online searching for terms likes hard money lenders north jersey or hard money lenders. When looking through your results you should look for lenders with a set fee structure, meaning they don’t say “it depends” when you ask them about their rates and terms.

We have set rates but are willing to WORK with you. Meaning we want to earn your business and work with you, your not just another number.

Best Fix And Flip Loans In Northern New Jersey

Best Fix And Flip Loans In Northern New Jersey

Be wary of any hidden costs or junk fees. These are fees that range from application, doc prep fees, and even processing fees that are completely unnecessary and can cost real ny estate investors thousands in out of pocket expenses. We provide you everything up front, easy to understand. Such as the cost of the appraisal, attorney fees etc.Another factor to look for in the Best Fix And Flip Loans In Northern New Jersey is whether or not they offer financing for both the purchase and rehab of an investment property or just the financing for the purchase of the property.

Real estate investors should look for funding that offers both the purchase price and the rehab to the borrower. Ideally up to 100% on the rehab which is often held in draws.

Ready to Get Started? CALL  (732) 359-7800
we take great pride in offering the best North Jersey  fix and flip loans and hard money to investors to fund all their deals.

We have a passion for Northern New Jersey real estate and the positive impact that real estate investors have on their cities and communities.

We currently lend in all of North Jersey for Fix and Flip Loans and we make it easy to finance all of your fix-and-flip projects.

To get terms right now call (732) 359-7800 or fill out our form by CLICKING HERE


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